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Initiating since 1958, Changhong brand has around 60 years history and is the No.1 best selling of TV in Chinese market for last 17 years, and one-third of Chinese families is using Changhong TV.

With the rapid development in recent years, Changhong has transformed itself as an integrated multinational corporation (combined R&D and manufacturing of military industry, consumer electronics, core components, etc.) and been advancing to become a content and service provider in worldwide.

Toughness, Confidence, and Open
Since Changhong has determined to adopt “Three Coordinates Strategy” in industry development, it has been grown rapidly in three dimensions including industrial value chain, industrial patterns as well as business models, which conforms the innovation concept of toughness, confidence and open.

Changhong is facing challenges from three main aspects: high tech industry vs low value-added output; industrial scales vs refinement management; recognition vs reputation.

Changhong will always persist in self innovation, breeding its own core technology abilities, promoting refinement management and adopting brand strategy.

At the same time, Changhong shall widely absorb advanced enterprise operation experiences and create its own advanced practice.

We are confident to make Changhong a respected and trustful enterprise with leading temperament in consumer electronic industry in the world.

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